Business Intelligence

Information is the key in decision making for a successful business. We bring technology and business expertise to help clients measure and respond efficiently at the right time.

 We have experience in architecting enterprise wide Data warehouse solutions and provide end-to-end BI solutions. The planning and implementation of new strategies helps in savings to the businesses and also in meeting regulatory compliances.

Business Intelligence

What We Offer

Our skilled BI experts focus on transforming complex data assets into decisive information, enabling our clients to make robust strategic decisions and gain competitive edge.
Our approach begins with understanding customer’s BI needs, gathering business requirements, anticipating future information. We proceed to the Next phase of architecting scalable data warehouse, data models and provide Extraction, Transformation and Load (ETL) processes and provide Presentation layer expertise.

Big Data

With data growing exponentially and the recent technological advances make it possible to manage and process this data, Big Data in the new superpower, hence it’s moved on to the executive’s agenda for every organization.
However, current enterprise solutions are challenged with handling the 3v’s i.e. volume, variety and velocity of these big datasets. Furthermore, businesses demand smarter, productive and analytical approach to stay competitive in the cutting-edge marketplace.
With Big Data, organizations have the opportunity to enhance a wide range of business processes. Big data provides real-time business insights that relate to consumers, products, performance, profit, risk, productivity management and a competitive edge in the marketplace.
At SLS, we believe that the success of Big Data implementation requires core competencies across processes, technology, infrastructure, people skills and analytics.
SLS takes a platform-based approach to big data; SLS experts focus on key technologies, platforms and solutions to help enterprises solve big data problems and help companies embrace big data to transform their processes and drive growth.


Our business analytics teams at SLS offer specialized analytics solutions and services across the entire range of industry verticals, poised towards achieving organizational business outcomes.
We align our solutions to meet our client’s needs for organizational profitability, enhanced customer experiences, enterprise efficiency and effectiveness. Our expertise spans across all three stages of business analytics: Descriptive Analytics, Predictive Analytics, and Prescriptive Analytics.

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